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    V1.3.4 - 2023-11-06

    • Small table head cell accessibility fix

    V1.3.3 - 2023-10-07

    • Upgraded to latest TanStack Table v8.10.6 and @tanstack/react-virtual v3.0.0-beta.63 various performance improvements and bug fixes

    V1.3.2 - 2023-10-03

    • Fixed creatingRow state not able to be properly self managed when using onCreatingRowChange
    • Fixed French selected rows translation error

    V1.3.1 - 2023-09-25

    • Upgraded to latest TanStack Table v8.10.3 various performance improvements and bug fixes

    V1.3.0 - 2023-09-18

    • Updated the mrt package.json @mantine/ peerDependencies to ^6.0.0 to indicate that MRT v1 is now compatible with Mantine v6
    • Upgraded to @tanstack/react-table v8.10.0
      • Better accessorKey deep key inference
      • New row pinning apis (MRT does not implement row pinning features yet)

    V1.2.1 - 2023-09-10

    • Upgraded to @tanstack/react-table v8.9.8 and @tanstack/react-virtual v3.0.0-beta.60 for better performance and bug fixes

    V1.2.0 - 2023-08-23

    • Added new "head-overlay" positionToolbarAlertBanner option to overlay the alert banner over the table header
    • Added new renderToolbarAlertBannerContent table option to allow full customization of the alert banner content

    V1.1.2 - 2023-08-18

    • Disable other row edit buttons when one row is being edited by default
    • Hide global and filter text input clear buttons until there is text in the input
    • Added et translations that can be imported from 'material-react-table/locales/et'

    V1.1.1 - 2023-08-12

    • Fixed editing cancel button not restoring original row data in modal editDisplayMode

    V1.1.0 - 2023-08-12

    • Fixed editing cancel button not restoring original row data in inline row editDisplayMode
    • Fixed Filter Range Slider initial range min and max sometimes not being set correctly after loading data
    • Removed Edit Modal Title by default
    • Replaced "Unsorted" tooltip on header sort icon buttons with sort by next sort direction tooltip
    • Added ar translations that can be imported from 'material-react-table/locales/ar'

    V1.0.0 - 2023-07-18

    • V1 Stable Release

    V1 Betas


    • New Loading Overlay in Table Container to indicate loading state that will show when state.isLoading or state.showLoadingOverlay is true
    • Progress Bars will no longer show when state.isLoading is true. Must set state.showProgressBars or state.isSaving to true to show them.
    • Filtering and Sorting icons in header cell will now highlight in primary color when active
    • Fixed page scroll position not being restored when exiting full screen mode
    • TypeScript TData generic no longer required and will default to {} if not provided


    • hitting 'enter' key when filtering in popover display mode now closes the popover


    • Renamed creatingMode table option to createDisplayMode
    • Renamed editingMode table option to editDisplayMode
    • Added columnFilterDisplayMode table option to render column filters in 'subheader' | 'popover' | 'custom' display modes
    • Added paginationDisplayMode table option to render pagination in 'default' | 'pages' | 'custom' display modes
    • Added selectDisplayMode table option to render 'checkbox' | 'radio' | 'switch' select modes
    • Fixed large pagination numbers not being formatted with locale string
    • Better column actions menu alignment
    • Starting using IconFilterCog tabler icon for filter mode switching button.


    • Fixed "Toggle Full Screen" tooltip not hiding after clicking to toggle full screen
    • Solved a lot of create and edit mode bugs and edge cases
    • Allow simple table.setCreatingRow(true) to be called if no default values are needed for new row


    • Fixed Edit and Create Row Modals not opening


    • a bunch of create row features (still in progress)
    • renamed MRT_FlexRender to just flexRender


    • New mantinePaginationProps.variant "mantine" to use Mantine's own Pagination component. (removed showFirstLastPageButtons in favor of withEdges)
    • Default rowNumberMode changed to "static"


    • Removed highlight-words internal dependency in favor of using Mantine's own Highlight component. Added mantineHighlightProps table option to customize the props of the Highlight component used for filter match highlighting
    • Refactored to make mrt-row-drag display column cell overrideable


    • Better TypeScript types to warn not to use other props alongside the table prop when passing to <MantineReactTable /> (Either pass table or all table options as props, not both)
    • Removed deprecated tableInstanceRef prop to force usage of useMantineReactTable hook (way less bugs, easier code)
    • Added functionality to temporarily remove sort when global filter is ranking results, but restore the sort upon clearing the global filter
    • New mantineSelectCheckboxProps.variant to allow for checkbox, radio, or switch select variants


    • New "custom" editDisplayMode that does not render any editing UI, but still handles the edit states
    • New isSaving state option to show spinner in edit save buttons
    • New renderEditRowModalContent table option to allow for the edit modal to be fully customized
    • New mantineEditRowModalProps table option to allow for customizing the props of the edit modal
    • Improved custom column actions with new internalColumnMenuItems param in renderColumnActionsMenuItems column/table option
    • Fixed issues with empty string row ids causing skeleton loading rows to linger after data loaded and changed getRowId type to allow returning undefined
    • Removed internal withArrow props from Mantine Tooltips to respect app themes better (Configure with Mantine ThemeProvider default Props API if you want them back)


    • Revert @tabler/react-icons as an optional peer dependency. Now required again with a minimum version of 2.23.0


    • exported new flexRender function as a utility to help with custom headless ui renders


    • Made @tabler/react-icons an optional peer dependency to experiment letting devs not have to install it if they are passing in their own custom icons (might revert this)


    • New 'autocomplete' and 'range-slider' filterVariants
    • Fully implement faceted values feature to be used for filter variants
    • Replaced internal Mantine Chip components with Mantine Badge components


    • Gave proper TData generics to all MRT components


    • New useMantineReactTable hook to replace tableInstanceRef prop (more to come on this)
    • ALL internal MRT components are now exported from mantine-react-table!
    • Renamed type MantineReactTableProps to MRT_TableOptions


    • Implemented Edit Select variant
    • Fixed Some editing bugs and change default styles for various editing modes
    • Fixed React Key warnings in body and cells


    • Simplified Density Feature with just 3 modes
    • Swapped out Density Icons
    • Changed default opacity styles of header cell icons


    • @mantine/dates and dayjs are now required peer dependencies as they are used for date filters


    • Upgraded to Mantine v6

    V0 Breaking changes

    • Moved from @tabler/icons v1 to @table-icons/react v2
    • Switched to named exports only


    Mantine React Table V2 will be released by the end of 2023 and will be compatible with Mantine V7.
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